About me

Hello there! Thanks for visiting my website, it took me a while to get used to everything but surely enough, I got there in the end. I hope you like the content like the design and enjoy the content!

I’ve set everything in small sentences so it’s easier to read and provided images for the content to make it less boring. Some of the things you read might be from personal experience and some researched for an in-depth insight into different areas.

A bit about me

my baby boy

My name is Sarah A; I was born in Australia but grew up in America, Texas. I currently have two-year-old baby boy which gives me enough time to look after little Robert and write a post or two. My husband owns his own little small agency that improves the efficiency of other businesses.

He always raves on about saving money and thinking of the future. Greg, my husband, is a numbers man, better him than me!

Why I started this website


One of my family friends mentioned he owned a website but hadn't done much to it so I made him an offer to take it off his hands. The name, Crosshabit sounded nice so I asked James if I could buy it off him for a small amount and his counter-offer was a box of beers.

My main aim to provide you, the reader with some useful information which could be implemented in your daily life.

I haven’t planned on anything concrete in the meantime but as I go along I hope to give you some handy tips and tricks!