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How to Study and get Straight A+ in Every Class

How to study for tests and exams effectively, you ask? There are many ways to absorb information depending on the way you learn.Sure, there are little learning hacks you can take but that still involves a process to follow. The best way to learn something is through stimulating your senses by surrounding yourself with the […]

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Exam Cramming Tips and Strategies

Do you have to prepare for an exam or test that will take place within 1 or 2 days? There are different pros and cons of exam cramming and several methods you can use.What exactly is cramming? It’s a test-preparation method that’s used in order to memorize a big amount of info in a short […]

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A Small List of Common Bad Habits

Everyone has a list of common bad habits for life. Every human being has good and bad habits, but for most people getting rid of bad habits can be a complicated task. The new study conducted in recent time shows that people are struggling to stop list of bad habits for life.The list includes overeating/snacking, […]

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10 Tips and Strategies to Reduce Test Anxiety

Regardless of age or level of education, if you are a student, you know the feeling of test anxiety. As you sit at your desk, preparing to face your next test, your palms go sweaty, your heart races, and you notice a knot in your stomach. These are the tell-tale signs of test anxiety and […]

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