A Small List of Common Bad Habits

Everyone has a list of common bad habits for life. Every human being has good and bad habits, but for most people getting rid of bad habits can be a complicated task.

The new study conducted in recent time shows that people are struggling to stop list of bad habits for life.

The list includes overeating/snacking, addicted to technology like watching TV, wasting time on Facebook, Twitter, etc., along with the other bad habits list, including drinking tea/coffee, eating chocolate, smoking, drinking alcohol, etc.

One can adopt bad habits easily as they serve a need and that you want to fulfill. For instance, when you are stressed, you feel like smoking a cigarette.

It is the need that you are trying to replace, but instead, if you try to replace it with activity like boxing, running, or working out can also help you get relief from stress.

But, many people replace it with unhealthy habits and try to convenience themselves by continuing the bad habits for life.

Here you can find the list of bad habits where you need to take a step to stop and get control over your life.

1. Eating junk food, even when you are not hungry

list of common bad habits

Snacking even when you are not hungry is a bad habit as it makes your body lose its natural satisfaction and hunger signals and it can further lead to obesity and unhealthy habits.

When you overeat, you will not only gain extra pounds, but it can also lead to heart disease, diabetes, and other health conditions. If you eat junk food, then you will be loading your body with harmful ingredients.

You should stop snacking or eating junk food, this can be achieved with regular recording of your results. People who are determined to stop bad habits for life can easily fix their bad and unhealthy eating habits and take control of their weight naturally.

Eating your own words

I gained 5 kg from eating junk food like candy, biscuits and other unhealthy foods. 

In the article good habits for students, we wrote about developing good habits by rewarding yourself for completing little tasks or goals. 

I was finishing so many little things and rewarding myself so much it sort of turned into a bad habit. 

​Apart from the occasional light snack, you should stop eating when you're not hungry and only eat when you are. Adding a healthy diet can -

  • Increase your nutrition levels
  • Help you lose weight
  • Increase your nutrition levels
  • Help you lose weight
  • Reduce stress hormones

You'll lose weight naturally if you stick to a healthy diet. Your body will slowly get rid of -

  • Unhealthy trans fats
  • Saturated fats
  • Refined carbohydrates
  • Sugar
  • Sodium
  • Other toxins

Reverse your unhealthy habit, and wait till your body signals hunger, and stop filling yourself with food when it's unnecessary.

Emotional eating​

Being human means you have emotions and sometimes our emotions can get the best of us​. 

Emotional eating includes -

  • Boredom
  • Stressed
  • Angry
  • Sad
  • Happy
  • Depressed
  • Nostalgic 

Feeding your emotions with food can only lead you down a spiral of gaining more weight, feeling worse, and ultimately cause more health complications.

Try your best to watch what you intake when you're emotions are in fluctuation.

It's easy to forget about the food around us when we're on an emotional roller coaster but it will always pay off in the long run if you monitor what you eat.

The best way to keep yourself away from the junk food is, stop buying unhealthy food and remove everything that you stacked at home.

Replace junk food with healthy food, including fruits, nuts, veggies, and low-fat products. Just eat a handful of healthy snack when you really feel like eating something and eat slowly and enjoy it.

Some Solutions

  • Replace the sweets and biscuits with healthier alternatives like fruit, dried fruit, nuts, yogurt, low-fat foods and different types of seeds
  • Have healthy snacks around you
  • Don't go down the temptation aisle, if you can, when shopping (aisle with chocolate, sweets, chips soft drinks, etc..)

2. Watching TV and Sitting on the Couch for Long Hours

bad habits for students and life

I want to get something straight first, when I say "TV" or "tele", I'm referring the act of physically sitting down and watching TV shows

Spending a lot of time on the couch and watching TV continuously is also a very bad habit for life. The more you watch the TV, the less you will participate in the physical activity.

The usual trend is the longer you watch TV, the more you're inclined to eat unhealthy foods which contributes to the cause of overweight, diabetes and other health issues. 

Sitting for too long in front of the TV can cause our short term memory to lose information faster because it's focusing on unimportant things. 

It's important to keep TV to a set schedule and keep it short. There are much more better alternatives than sitting in front of a non-stimulating box.

List of Common Bad Habits Alternatives

There are many other activities apart from watching TV. Just to name a few -

  • Go for a walk
  • Go for a run
  • Plan your week
  • Plan your year
  • Plan your life
  • Plan to to take over the world
  • Annoy family
  • Prank family
  • Read
  • Write
  • Visit friends
  • Talk to family

Basically, anything that doesn't involve TV will benefit you in the long run.

When you do more healthy stuff, your body will automatically get healthier, and it gets resistive power to keep the health problem away.

As you do more activities, it'll work your body as well as your brain. The more active you are, the healthier you'll be with less health issues.

You will have more energy, and more time to sleep, sharper mind, better mood, and you will develop more social connections that can increase your self-confidence.

Not all TV is bad​

Reverse the habit, which means no watching TV continuously; you can watch only something specific just to have knowledge about it. Even though there are educational programs, you create a time during the day or week to watch that and that thing only. 

It's usual to snack while watching TV which could lead into, as we mentioned in the above, health complications. After a while of snacking, those calories add up.

Try to cut down on the snacks or swap out the sugary/saturated fats for healthier alternatives.

When those ads come on, get up, stretch and walk around. Get that blood flowing. There's nothing better than getting your body moving if you've been sitting down for a certain amount of time.

If you ever find yourself stuck to a random TV program, turn off your television. 


Just turn it off or walk away. Your mind won't linger on that show because you haven't kept up with it and isn't a priority. ​

Some Solution

  • Schedule a time to watch television
  • When you find yourself glued to the TV, turn it off
  • Limit yourself to certain shows
  • Find activities to do with other people apart from watching tele
  • Swap out sugary/fat-saturated snacks for healthier options

3. Overspending on your Debt Card

bad habits

Spending money for unwanted thing is also a bad habit for life. The consequences of money worries can lead to serious health problems.

The survey conducted by an RU (Rutgers University) shows that the people with a financial stress are suffering from health problems, including depression, blood pressure, headaches, insomnia, aches and pains, digestion problems, excessive smoking and drinking, ulcers, and losing or gaining weight.

You should stop overspending on your debit card, and get a hold on your finance. It is not as easy as said, but you should know how to get yourself out from the clutches of debt or else you are sure to lose your mind.

You should learn to manage your money efficiently, and make drastic changes in your lifestyle. It might hurt your ego or your "social status" for a short while but it's better than being broke or in deep debt.

Alternatively, you should know when to spend money. You don't want to save money just for the sake of saving money. 

Know when to spend

There's a clear difference between what you want and what you need.

When I was growing up, I thought everybody knew the clear difference between what you wanted and what you needed.

As I got older, the discussions of money and spending became more frequent, it turns out not many people knew the difference or if they did, they didn't put it into practice therefore, they never really understood.

What You Want

My brother was in deep debt when he was in university. He used spend money on things that sparked an interest.

He had to have the newest, coolest and most expensive clothes along with an expensive hair cut. 

I thought he was gay at one point. 

When he was old enough to have his first credit card, he maxed it out within weeks. He didn't know anything about interest rates or setting budgets so all his finances started spiraling out of control.

He eventually got a job and started paying off some of his debt but as soon as he did, he bought a new car because "he had a job".

His debt spiraled out of control again and he had to sell his car and work more hours while studying. ​

When he payed off more of his debt, he started using his card it again. Bad habits perhaps?

Don't spend money on things you things you want. Save your hard earned cash for things you need.

What You Need

I'll admit, this lesson took me a while to learn. For some reason, my mum was always obsessed with saving every penny (when she could).

I guess you could say I adopted this habit. 

When I was in college, I refused to buy any educational resources because I thought it was a waste of money.

I refused to buy text books, calender's, pens, ​and all the other amazingly useful resources because I thought it was a waste my parent's hard earned money.

I failed one year of school and had to repeat.

​It was super embarrassing. The next year I stared using the given resources along with finding and buying my own things. 

If you have to spend money on things you need to better yourself or to get yourself out of a situation, buy it.

You should always be watchful and take control of your old habits. There have been countless stories of people who took control of their spending habits and had great success from just saving or not spending as much as they did.

Once you have a grip on your lifestyle, you will surely have control of your life, and you feel less stressed and not as worry about money since it's become habitual.

When you know how to manage your money issues, you will be able to sleep peacefully without any headaches. Finding ways to control your spending and focusing more on the simple things can improve your life and relationships.

Learn about money management, and know the basic methods and rules of personal finance for mortgages, credit cards, investing, and budgeting.

Keep track of your spending and find what is needed and what you can avoid when you make a purchase. Make sure to pay the monthly minimum on your bills to avoid high-interest.

Try to clean the highest-interest credit card first, and then move to the next financial issue. When you know how to manage your finances then automatically you will slowly reverse these bad habits for life.

I've written about good financial health in good habits for life.

Some Solutions

  • Calculate your monthly expenses
  • Watch your interest rates - especially the higher/highest
  • Divide your left over income (spending money) into parts
  • 1. Add one part to your savings account
  • 2. Add one part to your "just in case" account 
  • 3. Add one part to your investment account 
  • 4. Spend the rest 

4. Eating too much fast food

good and bad habits list

Eating fast food is also a bad habit for life as it leads to heath problems.

If you eat a double cheeseburgers, consume other greasy foods, drink milkshakes and down an oversize soda every other day then it can cause severe health problems like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and several other health conditions.

Fast food contains a lot of trans fat that increases blood fat and bad cholesterol that harden the arteries and increases inflammation, which further causes build-up fatty plaque in artery walls.

You should take control of the unhealthy eating habit by eating healthy food and making drastic changes in your lifestyle.

Healthy eating habits can benefit you in several ways; it will bring substantial and immediate changes in your lifestyle and health.

You don’t need to make severe lifestyle change; you just need to take control of your unhealthy eating habits.

Yes, fast food is convenient and inexpensive but it contains lots of salt, fat, and sugar, and loads of trans fat.

Those snacks..

During those long study periods I used to store up a lot of snacks. Most of the time they weren't necessarily healthy.

I started gaining weight slowly but steadily without worrying about it too much because I thought I could have worked it with just a little effort. 

It took a whole lot more effort than I imagined. 

If I could go back in time I would tell myself and everyone else to maintain a healthy lifestyle and not "treat" yourself so much.

Healthy eating habit does not come in a day or two, it takes time and also it is not cheap like fast food, but it’s worth to spend money to maintain good health.

Avoid visiting fast food joints and instead go to a grocery store where you can find a prepared meal, which is healthier than a burger. Or go to a sandwich shop, and replace the burger with a turkey sandwich with a salad on the side.

It is advisable to prepare meals at home before you leave the house. Home food is always good for health.

Also, eat more vegetables and fruits instead of chocolates and fries when you feel like eating something in between the meals.

If you try making these simple changes in your eating habits, then you will soon get out of your unhealthy habit and adopt a healthy lifestyle in just a matter of time.

Every food packet should have a nutritional information on the back. It might take a little bit of work but readying it will help you keep a good diet and understand how much your body can intake.​

Some Solutions

  • Plan out your meals
  • Have snacks, healthy snacks
  • Read that nutritional information!

5. Bad Behavior that makes you angry, stressed, or worried all of the time

bad habits for life

Stressful bad behavior is one in the no-no habit list as it causes lots of unnecessary worries, and makes you lead an unhappy lifestyle.

Bad behavior releases a lot of stress hormones that raise your blood sugar levels and blood pressure, slow down your digestion system, lower immunity, and make you feel annoyed and mean.

According to the studies, people with bad tempered short-lived, and they are always in fighting mood, not only that it also affects their lifestyle and lead to several health problems.

When you are stressed, you will tend to eat more sugary and fatty foods that lead to overweight. The stress and the bad behavior both can increase the risk of getting diabetes and heart disease.

Short Sharp Solutions

Reacting to a high-tension situations by worrying or getting angry won't benefit anyone, especially you.

Yes, everyone reacts to different situations differently ​but reacting to it in a non-contributing helps no one.

  • If you ever feel yourself starting to get stressed, take a moment and breathe. Let the feeling subside before doing anything else. Try to regain your sense of humor.
  • If the feeling still lingers, take yourself out of the situation by going for a walk or going something else to clear the mind

When you are stressed, you will react to the situation, and that determines the stress level, so when you are worried or stressed, all that you need to do is stay calm and think how you can solve it.

Most people prefer meditation, yoga, and deep breathing exercise to get relief from stress... That's not for everyone though. You should keep the breathing exercises in the back of your mind. I can't tell you how many times it's helped me. 

​Remember the important things

No one can tell you what you need to do during those stressful moments, only you can do that. 

​Remember to keep yourself fit through physical activities and by eating healthy foods.

Having a healthy lifestyle betters your mood and also helps you focus on the important things or at least it won't do any worse.

We all go through times of high-intensities and it's all about how you deal with it. Remember to stay calm and collective during those stressful moments.

Some Solutions

  • When you're feeling stressed, breathe in deep, hold then release
  • If the situation is too stressful, take yourself out of it by going for a walk or doing something else
  • Stay fit and maintain healthy habits with fresh fruits, vegetables and good snacks

6. Drinking too much alcohol

list of unhealthy habits

Drinking alcohol on a regular basis is a bad habit for life because alcohol is a slow poison, and it will ruin your life if you drink it daily.

The men who consume three or more pegs of alcohol and women who consume two or more drinks on a regular basis are at higher risk of getting several health problems like liver damage, and various cancers like mouth and liver cancer, depression and high blood pressure.

Women, who are susceptible to alcohol, may suffer from brittle bones, memory loss, and heart disease.

When you stop drinking alcohol regularly, your digestion system will improve and also you will sleep soundly. Also, your blood sugar levels will be steadier, and blood pressure will be at normal level.

Limiting your alcohol consumption can also improve your memory, and leaves you with a healthier cardiovascular system and liver.

Before it turns worse

I'm not going to pretend like I know what it's like being addicted to alcohol. I've never been a full on drinker. 

I have the occasional drink here and there but nothing over the top.

What I can say is I've seen what alcohol addiction can do and where it lead.

I rarely share this but dad had serious issues with alcohol. ​He never abused us or did anything bad, he was one of the best dads in the world. 

When he drank he turned into someone else. Sometimes he was happy, sometimes sad, most of the time both. 

To keep things short and to the point; I'm not sure when or how but one day he decided (I use the word "decided" very loosely) to stop drinking. 

I always assumed he must "have hit rock bottom".​

He asked for help and started his long way of of addict recovery.

When you limit your in-take of alcohol, then there are less chances negative repercussions like getting into an accident, random fights, accidentally breaking things, saying the wrong things, texting your ex (we've all been there), and many more embarrassing and/or potentially dangerous scenarios.

If you only drink from time to time, great!, you have a plan in place without even knowing it! But if you've been consuming alcohol on a daily basis for a long period of time, you might have gone spiraled down the rabbit hole of addiction.

Take control of your bad habit and say no to consistent alcohol before it turns worse!

Some Solutions

  • The more you're surrounded by alcohol, the more likely you'll drink. Try and surround yourself with little to no alcohol
  • Be careful of drinking every night. It could lead to alcohol dependence 
  • Keep drinking to every special occasions
Sarah A